Monday, December 9, 2013


This is my first attempt with fruit flavored spirits. It all started with a bottle of vodka I received as a gift, but I don’t like drinking vodka so I have looked for ways to recycle it.

I used vodka 40%vol as an alcohol based liquid. I saw in the fruit shop very nice strawberries which I put in the spirit to infuse for 1 week at 5°C. Prepared sugar syrup (equal quantity of sugar and water, bring to boil until the sugar liquefies, keep boiling until the liquid reduce ¼ and becomes thicker). Mix together with the strawberry infused alcohol, bottled and store in the fridge.

Recipe: 500 ml vodka 40%vol, 350gr sugar syrup ~ 27%vol

  1. Infusion: a part was absorbed by the berries, started with 500ml, left with 430gr
  2. Sugar syrup: 175gr sugar + 225gr water = 400gr liquid, reduced to 300gr
  3. 1st batch: 225gr infusion + 150gr sugar syrup ~ 26%vol
  4. 2nd batch: 210gr infusion + 135gr sugar syrup ~ 27%vol