invest in nanning



Nanning New and High Tech Industrial Development Zone was established in 1988 under the direct leadership of Nanning Municipal Government. In 1992, the State Council approved it as one of the current 53 State High-tech Development Zone.


The Zone is the center of science, technology, culture and education of Guangxi.  48 higher education institutions and scientific research institutes located in the Zone are always the strong support of the development of new and high-tech industries.


Its progress has been outstanding with an average annual developing speed of up to 70% for the past 12 months. In 2001 the total technology, industry and trading income generated within the Zone topped 8,663 million RMB.


Foreign enterprises and joint ventures from 12 countries in addition to 800 local companies have been registered in the Zone.

Investors enjoy preferential policies of state hi-tech zones, policies for “remake the west campaign” and related policies of autonomous regions.



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