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Looking for a challenging job, one that gives the fulfillment that people are actually learning from you and at the same time allows you to enjoy a very special experience yourself?

Then, welcome to teach in China!

I am basically a backpacker. Last june 2002 I arrived to Nanning after half year travelling in South-Eats Asia. I was soon touched by the unbelievable friendlyness of this chinese city. The atmosphera is very relaxed, yet Nanning offers all the conforts of living in a modern city. However the people here make the difference. I decided to stay for a while and more than 1 year is gone. I have been teaching in several schools in order to support my living. I am so happy of my experience and I don't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. I don't know how long I will stay in Nanning for, but I want to put my knowledge and expertise at the service of the other people who might like to enjoy such a "journey into China".

Whatever you want to experience China first-hand by being part of the community, enrich your background or pursue a teaching career, Nanning is a great place. Myself and my friend we will be here to welcome you. We will share our experience on teaching field and moreover on get used to the Chinese society and rich culture.

Vito Donatiello



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